Saturday, March 13, 2010

Toledo Scum.

Toledo, just like many other places is being hit with much more crime since the economy has gone to shit. We've got a backseat robber/rapist on the loose. Luckily they have identified who it is and have a much better picture of him than previously (store surveillance video) seen. I really hope he tries to rob someone who has their carry permit and that he ends up dead, rather than tying up our courts, and jail cells, eventually getting out and going right back to his old ways. If I see him on the street... Ugh people like that sicken me.

Here's some better news, another private citizen with their CCW has shot and seriously injured a would be robber at him and his brother's music store just yesterday. Allied Music in South Toledo is in a fairly decent neighborhood. But that doesn't stop the stupid people from entering it, just like how we all know that "no guns" signs doesn't keep a would be criminal from carrying into any location that has one.

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