Monday, February 22, 2010

Criminals beware.

Just the other night less than five miles from where I live there was a break in at a mans home, Sedric A. Joplin was not home at the moment of the unlawful entry, But the criminals were still inside when he returned home. He fired at them and killed one, possibly hitting another loser as well.

Christopher Childress the loser who was rightfully shot in my honest opinion, is painted under a different light by his friends and family, They talk about him as if he was a good citizen and would never do such a thing, but the evidence shows that he broke in, And Ohio has a Castle Law in effect.

Now for the twist to the story I just discovered while writing this. It seems Mr. Joplin isn't so innocent himself, He had marijuana in his home. And this guys reported as an officer of the law... sort of, He's a correctional officer at a local prison.

Plus a second bad guy was caught.
Michael Lee Brown is in custody. A third guy is still on the loose, I'm sure Michael Brown will rat him out in no time :)

I suppose the only good that comes of this story is a bad guy is dead, Guns still save lives and despite his unlawful drug activities Mr. Joplin was justified in shooting these guys. We'll see what happens with Sedric and his drugs.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Assumption is the mother...

And making assumptions can be very bad. most people consider .22 long rifle ammo to be the best choice for cheap plinking, And I agree. But what other uses does it get? Some minor varmint hunting, usually used to finish off a trapped coon or possum. And never suggested for home defense or self defense in general. I'd still say that is a good piece of advice, but just how much of a punch can those little .22lr rounds pack? Because most people would assume that those little rounds of ammo won't cause any harm to much more than a small varmint...

Well I decided to do a little testing. Rifle used was a model 67 Winchester single shot with 28" barrel
Ammo Winchester 37g JHP "super speed"
Distance 10 yards
Target - steel sheet (.042") backed up by aluminum plate (.2")

I set the steel sheet and the aluminum plate up with a C clamp holding both to either side of a 1/4" thick steel plate so there was a 1/4" gap between the steel and aluminum, Steel was the first target in line.

And here it the results. The bigger hole is from the .22 to the right of it is a hole from a .223 (not related to this test, I aimed near it for a comparison.)

The bullet actually wedged itself into the aluminum divot ( I could not remove it, even with high heat and trying to scrape it out)

The other side of the aluminum, it bulged out almost 1/4" and it made over a 2 inch diameter circle for the total area bulged out.

Shooting stuff is fun, And I'm going to pick up more of this ammo!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plane crash in TX.

You already know what happened, and have read plenty on it. I'm not going to go into my own thoughts or anything else other than to share the screen shot (unedited) of his manifesto webpage which was taken down, but not before myself and countless others saved it. Feel free to discuss and or copy/share.

Click to enlarge

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crime happens...

The only ways to prevent it are first and foremost not becoming a victim, Which means arming thyself or at the very least taking classes on self defense, in which case you're still "arming" yourself in a sense. The next but least reliable source of preventing and stopping crime or being a victim of a crime is to count on others including the police to save you.

Sadly you cannot count on either, the police response time is almost always going to be too late, and civilians generally are too busy filming your situation on their cellphone camera to give a shit. So we the wise people arm ourselves, not only with firearms, but pepper spray, knives and the knowledge that almost anything can be used as a weapon.

Here is a sad story that you've head a hundred times already, yet it keeps happening... I had a former coworker who worked a second job as a pizza delivery guy, he got robbed the same exact way. Delivery at a house that turned out to be vacant, Luckily he was not shot or harmed otherwise. This young lady was not so lucky.

I've seen some pizza companies double up people for night time deliveries, especially to crappy neighborhoods. I've seem to remember a story a while back of a pizza delivery guy who was fired for defending himself with a firearm. You know what I always say?

Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six!

Monday, February 1, 2010


It is well known that California is one of the worst states for gun owners and their constitutional right to own and especially bear arms, This story and the videos within it show you just a little of how the mindset is out there.

You'll notice the difference in peoples views, The one middle aged gentleman was unaware of the laws but not opposed to the people carrying openly, He even pondered if the law is the same for the .22 caliber rifle he owns. Then there was the middle aged woman who was more or less shocked and was obviously the type of person the brady campaign loves to get on their side, She said "I'm against them having a gun outside, Because she's not used to seeing things like that" then she goes on "I wouldn't want my children to see that"

Then there is Griffin Dix of the Brady campaign who says "they're carrying guns to intimidate people, and it makes them less safe"

Thankfully there was the unbiased kid who though it was cool and even mentioned that her uncle was going to teach her to shoot on/after her eleventh birthday. Also there was the guy who felt safer in their presence. He even stated that they were not the stereotypical hollywood gun nut, And that he'd feel "quite comfortable with then being good friends of his"

Although these people are now banned from Peets, and CPK (while openly carrying) because their respective owners evidently suffer from hoplophobia. And while I would argue that in the second video the office should have no right to stop someone who chooses to OC, He was tactful and didn't display much stupidity with the mans firearm, He kept his booger hook off the bang switch and actually knew how to work the action.

Perhaps someday in the near future our fellow gunnies who live in Cali or are otherwise stuck there will be able to appreciate the same freedoms that those of us in free states already do.

While you're at it, go prod ErnestThing to get out of Kommiefornistan already...

The last of the doughboys

Frank Buckles is 109 years old today. Seems he's as ornery if not more so than Col. Van T. Barfoot,

It's great to see our older & more respected veterans speaking up for injustices against them and their fellow vets. Happy Birthday good sir!