Monday, February 1, 2010


It is well known that California is one of the worst states for gun owners and their constitutional right to own and especially bear arms, This story and the videos within it show you just a little of how the mindset is out there.

You'll notice the difference in peoples views, The one middle aged gentleman was unaware of the laws but not opposed to the people carrying openly, He even pondered if the law is the same for the .22 caliber rifle he owns. Then there was the middle aged woman who was more or less shocked and was obviously the type of person the brady campaign loves to get on their side, She said "I'm against them having a gun outside, Because she's not used to seeing things like that" then she goes on "I wouldn't want my children to see that"

Then there is Griffin Dix of the Brady campaign who says "they're carrying guns to intimidate people, and it makes them less safe"

Thankfully there was the unbiased kid who though it was cool and even mentioned that her uncle was going to teach her to shoot on/after her eleventh birthday. Also there was the guy who felt safer in their presence. He even stated that they were not the stereotypical hollywood gun nut, And that he'd feel "quite comfortable with then being good friends of his"

Although these people are now banned from Peets, and CPK (while openly carrying) because their respective owners evidently suffer from hoplophobia. And while I would argue that in the second video the office should have no right to stop someone who chooses to OC, He was tactful and didn't display much stupidity with the mans firearm, He kept his booger hook off the bang switch and actually knew how to work the action.

Perhaps someday in the near future our fellow gunnies who live in Cali or are otherwise stuck there will be able to appreciate the same freedoms that those of us in free states already do.

While you're at it, go prod ErnestThing to get out of Kommiefornistan already...

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