Monday, March 22, 2010

Couldn't be said any better

Than what PDB had to say on the healthcare scam passing.

That is all...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And justice for all!

In my continuing mini series of local crime and the increase of home/property owners defending themselves from criminals is a update on the story of Sedric Joplin who wasn't indicted for his shooting of one man and the justified killing of another who broke into his home on Feb. 20th. of this year. Plus they finally found the third man involved in the robbery, He along with the gunshot survivor Michael Brown, Jr. will be charged with the murder of their accomplice Christopher Childress.

Mr. Childress' family members have been outspoken about the charges, saying that they were disappointed in the grand jury's decision. Mr. Childress' mother, Jenny, said after Mr. Brown's indictment that she was upset that the "man who pulled the trigger" was not the one charged with the crime."

Well see the way this works Jenny is that Ohio has a castle law in effect. Your son chose to break a law by illegally entering a persons home, with the intent to steal. Sedric has every right to protect his property. Just as you have every right to spout off your ignorant mouth.


A family owned grocery store was broken into after hours, ATM latched onto with a chain and dragged to the parking lot where the would be robber discovered that he was no match for an ATM. Dumb ass! This took place in Maumee, A rather decent area, Which makes me laugh because of an overheard conversation sometime last year while in a store my other half and I heard an uppity chick telling her friend that she should move to Maumee because there is no crime. Ha!

And if you remember my two previous posts I discussed a robber/rapist on the loose. Sadly he wasn't killed, he was caught however.

And lastly, The biggest issue on everyone's mind is Obamacare. Besides having to deal with some very tough family issues I we have to worry even more about the future because most of our senators and representatives are choosing to ignore us screaming in their ears to vote no on this trillion dollar bill. I am glad however that even though I live in a libertard city there are plenty of people who feel the same way we do about Pelosi & company.

On my way to work tonight at a very busy intersection was approximately 75 people holding signs saying "kill the bill" etc. Also spotted was at least one Gadsden flag, Best part of all, While sitting at the light I heard numerous people honking their horns in support of them, Myself included.
(the little red blocks are the locations of where groups of the protesters were standing)

If they're still there tomorrow I'll get a picture, and maybe stop and talk to a few of them!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Growing trends

All over the US there has been a surge of people buying their first firearm for personal protection, As well as getting the proper education to know how to handle them. I'm seeing Toledo crime going up, while at the same time many of these crimes are being thwarted by legally armed citizens, many of them small business owners who would rather make the small investment of a handgun (and training) than have to fork over all their cash as well having peace of mind.

In my previous entry I discussed a robber/rapist on the loose and a store owner defending his shop from robbery by seriously wounding a would be robber.

Unfortunately I'm not writing today to tell you they caught the robber/rapist, or that he's been killed. He has been identified and a warrant is out for his arrest. Today's news is another bad situation turned good by yet another carrying member of society. This time a guy tried to rob a convenience store and ended up dead. they have yet to identify him. Either he was shot in the face, or times are so bad that more people are turning to crime and he's not in the system already.

Whatever the reason, crime is wrong and I'm very happy to see our law abiding community slowly letting these low life losers know that we're not going to give up without a fight!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Toledo Scum.

Toledo, just like many other places is being hit with much more crime since the economy has gone to shit. We've got a backseat robber/rapist on the loose. Luckily they have identified who it is and have a much better picture of him than previously (store surveillance video) seen. I really hope he tries to rob someone who has their carry permit and that he ends up dead, rather than tying up our courts, and jail cells, eventually getting out and going right back to his old ways. If I see him on the street... Ugh people like that sicken me.

Here's some better news, another private citizen with their CCW has shot and seriously injured a would be robber at him and his brother's music store just yesterday. Allied Music in South Toledo is in a fairly decent neighborhood. But that doesn't stop the stupid people from entering it, just like how we all know that "no guns" signs doesn't keep a would be criminal from carrying into any location that has one.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Actually the guy fully meant to fire his weapon... he just didn't know that his muzzleloader had anything in it other than the percussion cap. Which makes him unsafe with firearms. Dwain Haggard of Montana, A superintendent was showing a class of students his gun when he placed a cap on it and aimed it and pulled the trigger, expecting only a pop of the cap igniting. He and the class got a loud bang and a hole in the wall.

No one was injured and because he's not from a nanny state it looks like he'll just go from this with experience (Hopefully of learning to check, double check and even triple check to make sure a firearm is not loaded before dry firing, Or in a presentation such as his) and the shame of having made an honest, yet fully avoidable "Oops"

I'd like to know what was loaded in his gun, and if it was from him, a student playing a trick, or possibly his own children if he has any. Best bet is that the last time he used it he loaded it and never put on a cap to fire, maybe he was target shooting and got rained out, forgot it was loaded.

All in all there is no excuse for this accidental discharge. checking and obeying the four rules of gun safety.