Sunday, March 14, 2010

Growing trends

All over the US there has been a surge of people buying their first firearm for personal protection, As well as getting the proper education to know how to handle them. I'm seeing Toledo crime going up, while at the same time many of these crimes are being thwarted by legally armed citizens, many of them small business owners who would rather make the small investment of a handgun (and training) than have to fork over all their cash as well having peace of mind.

In my previous entry I discussed a robber/rapist on the loose and a store owner defending his shop from robbery by seriously wounding a would be robber.

Unfortunately I'm not writing today to tell you they caught the robber/rapist, or that he's been killed. He has been identified and a warrant is out for his arrest. Today's news is another bad situation turned good by yet another carrying member of society. This time a guy tried to rob a convenience store and ended up dead. they have yet to identify him. Either he was shot in the face, or times are so bad that more people are turning to crime and he's not in the system already.

Whatever the reason, crime is wrong and I'm very happy to see our law abiding community slowly letting these low life losers know that we're not going to give up without a fight!

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