Sunday, January 31, 2010

Common sense laws

You hear the call all the time from those who would ban guns. “We need to have common sense gun laws!”

Well I agree, we do need common sense gun laws.

For instance, if the barrel on my shotgun is over 18 inches it’s legal. If it’s 17 3/4 inches long I could face 10 years in jail and lose my right to own firearms. That makes no sense.

My car is required by law to have a noise suppressor on it so I don’t annoy the neighbors. My gun is forbidden by law from having one. That makes no sense.

In some states if my rifle has some extra plastic on it, it’s illegal. That makes no sense.

In some states if my pistol is a different color, it’s illegal. That makes no sense.

In some states it’s illegal for me to carry a gun. Criminals don’t obey the law, I do and am unarmed when attacked. That makes no sense.

In some states if my magazine holds ten rounds it’s legal. If it holds eleven it’s illegal. That makes no sense.

In some states if a restaurant makes 50% of its revenue from alcohol it’s legal for me to carry there. If it makes 51% revenue from alcohol it’s not legal for me to carry. That makes no sense.

In my home state it’s legal for me to carry a concealed handgun. It’s illegal for me to openly carry one. That makes no sense.

Some states/cities require you to lock up your firearms while in your own home, leaving you to fumble with locks during a home invasion where a criminal will not have his firearm locked. That makes no sense.

In some states it's legal to own a magazine which holds over 30 rounds, but any evidence of it ever being loaded or inserted into a firearm that it belongs to and I'm a criminal. That makes no sense.

If a machine gun was made in 1985 it is legal for me to own if I pay the tax on it. If it was made in 1987 it is illegal to own. That makes no sense.

Some states only allow you to buy one firearm per month. That makes no sense.

If my revolver uses black powder, it is not considered a firearm. If it uses smokeless powder it is a firearm. That makes no sense.

In most states you can apply for a concealed carry permit, Having to pass a full background check and in some cases being required to receive special training. In many cases that permit is only good in your own home state. Requiring you to take proper steps to unload and lock your legally owned firearm away before crossing state lines. That makes no sense.

So yes, PLEASE. Let’s have some common sense gun laws. We can start by getting rid of all the ones that make no sense.

(Copied from Alan, a few additions by myself)

Please feel free to share some more useless/retarded/WTF? gun laws in the comments! I had a few more I was going to notate, But they'd require a lot of writing to properly explain why exactly they're useless. That and some laws that pertain to firearms, such as some of the new ammo laws in effect and proposed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Yoinked from Breda, Plenty of time to kill some more zombies and make peace with myself I suppose!

The Zombie Bite Calculator

Created by Oatmeal

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Todays feel good story.

ARLINGTON, Va. – Ray Vivier had been an adventurer, a Marine veteran who explored the country from South Carolina to Alaska, the father of five children.

The 61-year-old also was a man starting to get his life back together after living for years in a shanty beneath a Cleveland bridge. He had struggled with alcoholism, but by November he had a welding job, friends and a place to stay at a boarding house.

He rescued five people from that house when arsonists set it ablaze — but Vivier couldn't save himself. He and three others died, and two people have been charged in their deaths. Vivier's body, unclaimed and unidentified for weeks, seemed destined for an anonymous, modest burial.

On Friday, Vivier's ashes were inurned at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.

"You can see from what he did that he definitely had a good heart," said Mercedes Cruz, Vivier's ex-wife of 23 years, who attended the funeral with the couple's children. "No matter what our difficulties were in our marriage, I'm very proud of what's happened."

For his grown children — who now are scattered around the country — Vivier had been gone for about 15 years. They know of his heroism now — but they don't know much about the man he was trying to become. They remember their dad's struggles with alcohol and other troubles.

"What I'm trying to get out of this is to have one good, concrete memory that I can have of him for what he did to save those people," said his oldest daughter, Elisha Vivier. "I'm proud of the man that he was becoming."

Vivier was a private in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1965 and 1966, though he didn't see combat. He was stationed at Parris Island, S.C., Cruz said.

After his discharge, Vivier spent years working as a machinist, welder, iron worker and other tough jobs. He loved the outdoors and moved his family from Alaska to Oregon.

"He was just adventurous," Cruz said. "He loved to see different places and see what it was like to live there."

When he was homeless in Cleveland, he was proud to have one of the best shanties around, said Fesco, 29, who met Vivier at a soup kitchen.

"We hit if off right away," she said.

She took Vivier home for Christmas one year and later invited him to her wedding. Vivier was genuine, she said, "a real gentle spirit.

"He was trying to get himself out of some struggles — some struggles with alcohol — and just do better for himself, and he was, which was fantastic," Fesco said.

Ghanbari, who is an ensign in the U.S. Navy, helped arrange for Vivier's remains to be placed in a columbarium wall at Arlington National Cemetery. The site overlooks the Pentagon with the National Cathedral and Washington Monument in the distance.

At the military service, seven Marines fired three rifle shots, and a bugler played taps. Elisha Vivier carried a gold urn with her father's ashes to the wall and placed them inside, alongside the remains of thousands of veterans.

Ray Vivier was quiet, friends said, but people knew who he was. Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman met Vivier years ago while working as a social worker. He said Vivier was quiet, yet kind and compassionate. More than 125 people attended a memorial service weeks after the fire in Cleveland.

"It was a huge blow for the community. This was one of our neighbors who people cared about and knew," Cimperman said. "We're less because he's gone."

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Scott!!!

For the first time in years Massachusetts has a Republican senator, Scott Brown has given hope to not only the people of MA. But to the people of our great nation. As long as he holds true to his word and breaks the super majority for the health fraud care vote things will be mostly peachy.

So far the man seems to be a listener, He drives his older pickup truck around and actually talks to his people, and according to WeerdBeard he'll spend time to personally read correspondence from people. Picture proof below of JayG and his son with Scott Brown.

The worst fear now is that he turns out like Kirsten Gillibrand and doesn't keep his word, The next thing is the threats from the Democrats that they will pull out all the stops and attempt "budget reconciliation" where they'll only need 51 votes to send the bill along to The presidents desk to be signed or vetoed.

Congratulations go out to JayG & Weerd who are more than ecstatic over this win.

PS: A big FUCK YOU! To Pelosi & Company.

Monday, January 18, 2010

History in the making

Tomorrow could be the day that gives us real hope, or the day that we hang our heads in shame and disbelief. Yes tomorrow is election day for the next senator from MA. Some are calling it the Kennedy seat.

I call this occasion an important turning point for the future of America. The Dems are pulling every scumbag trick they can. Today Montieth wrote about the mindset of these people and it really gives a good indication as to how low they're willing to go in order to screw Scott Brown over.

Will he win? Myself and countless others sure the hell hope so. Hopefully Weerd & JayG have no issues making it to the polls tomorrow.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

MAIG lost ground this last election it seems. My count is 473 Mayors on their roster, Last I heard they were touting over 500 members. The Wiki page says as of November 2008 they had 522 and also states that after a "NRA grass roots letter-writing campaign, according to NRA claims, at least 73 mayors have quit the MAIG since September, including 15 in Pennsylvania, alone."

I know that with our former mayor gone that was one less for their cause. Who else has a new mayor, And are they on or off this list?

Also as a last thought, Does MAIG even really have any power/influence other than saying we are "X" number strong and we hate guns?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

You know...

It's funny how things from days gone by can fit perfectly into the present, New years day the local paper The Toledo Blade reprinted the first edition of their paper from 12-19-1835 and while browsing through it I found a poem titled "Texas War Song" It's perfectly fitting for how most of us feel with our current politicians. I googled it when I returned home only to find it nowhere online and unknown to Alan from #GBC, A Texan and a pretty smart cookie... So I nabbed the copy from my parents and scanned it for your pleasure. :)

(click to enlarge/read)