Monday, January 18, 2010

History in the making

Tomorrow could be the day that gives us real hope, or the day that we hang our heads in shame and disbelief. Yes tomorrow is election day for the next senator from MA. Some are calling it the Kennedy seat.

I call this occasion an important turning point for the future of America. The Dems are pulling every scumbag trick they can. Today Montieth wrote about the mindset of these people and it really gives a good indication as to how low they're willing to go in order to screw Scott Brown over.

Will he win? Myself and countless others sure the hell hope so. Hopefully Weerd & JayG have no issues making it to the polls tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Jay and I made it fine! Also the snow has switched to rain in the Frozen North.

    Some have said there are more people turning out than they did for the PRESIDENTIAL election.

    This is HUGE! Hopefully Scott Brown will win!