Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Well lookie there!!!

A very decent pro gun "round table" discussion from my local news station. It's somewhat lengthy but if you have the time I suggest watching it, Hell even the Sheriff is very pro gun and is quick to point out the flaw of places with strict gun laws and how they fail.

First half

Second half

Monday, December 14, 2009

Grunting and nut scratching found here!

I present to you my *mostly* finished man cave, measuring 7' 1" X 11' 6"

View from the hallway facing in towards the mini fridge & the one window.

Right side of room with the door closed, my shotgun in it's case on the floor

Upper right side, with my 91/30 and my Winchester model 67

A closer look at whats on top of the fridge, A cleaning kit and some spent brass along with my desk lamp that I haven't found a better place for yet!

A small collection of spent casings temporarily on my window until I build some shelves in the corner to fit them and more in the future..

Directly under the window is a chest that my great grandfather made, on top are a few of my knives that will be stored elsewhere soon.

The left wall where my PC is positioned along with my sword in the corner and my carry piece on the desk. Eventually I plan on having a corner desk to give myself a little more space than what this one provides...

A full view of the left wall with my pheasants and yellow perch, Also the tiny door which leads to a roughly 3'X3' closet.

More of the left wall and part of the rear wall with one of my prints hung, It looks lonely huh? I have one more print I personally own, Andi gave me another one to go with them and said she may contribute another one yet!

The rest of the rear wall with my ammo cans, gas mask, flask, bipod, used targets, shotgun forend and two more rifles.

I'll have better photos after I've got baseboards and the rest of the molding up!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A new tax?

Maybe this is part of the plan to implement a new tax to pay for our hope & changeBecause if you didn't know it already we humans breathe out carbon dioxide. Whatever his fucked up plan is, He's certainly ignoring climategate along with most of the MSM.

If you'll excuse me now, I'll be over here breathing my free American air while it lasts.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Of course it would come from a kommiefornian to call for criminal charges for someone revealing the untruthful progress of our "climate change" California is the most progressive state of our union to enact ridiculous laws on what you can and cannot do. They have the strictest emissions laws as well.

You can see how she is more worried about keeping those laws in place, and expanding them nationwide, perhaps globally?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What in the world?

I planted some tulip bulbs yesterday in this little 3X5 patch of dirt that sits between my sidewalk and the driveway. Before I could just go ahead and dig holes and drop them in I had to first turn over the soil and rake out all the damn rocks that the previous owner decided to put all over the yard.

See word is from many people that the old owner had two or three huge dogs, great danes and possibly a rottweiler. Mind you we have a decent sized yard, but three big dogs will tear it up in no time. So they put down cheap gravel and also had nice decorative rocks. So anyways I'm getting rocks out and in this tiny patch of land I get at least a five gallon bucket worth, And there is still some smaller stuff I didn't get. Also I went ahead and took off the top 3-4 inches because of the extreme difference in height from the sidewalk to the level of the dirt, Too many times my mower blade had got caught on either rocks or the dirt because of this.

Oh and now the mind boggling question of the day... Who in the hell buries 2 jars of food under a foot of dirt? I decided to poke around one last time for more rocks and hit a jar, luckily it didn't break from my shovel striking it. The second jar was just a few inches apart.

Of course I got photos, and even some of the contents, or goo if you will...

the lid one this one says pickles.. but it smells like apple cider and actually doesn't stink.

I can't read anything on this one as far as what it once was... But wow it stunk! the lid has the expiration date of 2006

Now, Who's hungry?