Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What in the world?

I planted some tulip bulbs yesterday in this little 3X5 patch of dirt that sits between my sidewalk and the driveway. Before I could just go ahead and dig holes and drop them in I had to first turn over the soil and rake out all the damn rocks that the previous owner decided to put all over the yard.

See word is from many people that the old owner had two or three huge dogs, great danes and possibly a rottweiler. Mind you we have a decent sized yard, but three big dogs will tear it up in no time. So they put down cheap gravel and also had nice decorative rocks. So anyways I'm getting rocks out and in this tiny patch of land I get at least a five gallon bucket worth, And there is still some smaller stuff I didn't get. Also I went ahead and took off the top 3-4 inches because of the extreme difference in height from the sidewalk to the level of the dirt, Too many times my mower blade had got caught on either rocks or the dirt because of this.

Oh and now the mind boggling question of the day... Who in the hell buries 2 jars of food under a foot of dirt? I decided to poke around one last time for more rocks and hit a jar, luckily it didn't break from my shovel striking it. The second jar was just a few inches apart.

Of course I got photos, and even some of the contents, or goo if you will...

the lid one this one says pickles.. but it smells like apple cider and actually doesn't stink.

I can't read anything on this one as far as what it once was... But wow it stunk! the lid has the expiration date of 2006

Now, Who's hungry?

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