Monday, December 14, 2009

Grunting and nut scratching found here!

I present to you my *mostly* finished man cave, measuring 7' 1" X 11' 6"

View from the hallway facing in towards the mini fridge & the one window.

Right side of room with the door closed, my shotgun in it's case on the floor

Upper right side, with my 91/30 and my Winchester model 67

A closer look at whats on top of the fridge, A cleaning kit and some spent brass along with my desk lamp that I haven't found a better place for yet!

A small collection of spent casings temporarily on my window until I build some shelves in the corner to fit them and more in the future..

Directly under the window is a chest that my great grandfather made, on top are a few of my knives that will be stored elsewhere soon.

The left wall where my PC is positioned along with my sword in the corner and my carry piece on the desk. Eventually I plan on having a corner desk to give myself a little more space than what this one provides...

A full view of the left wall with my pheasants and yellow perch, Also the tiny door which leads to a roughly 3'X3' closet.

More of the left wall and part of the rear wall with one of my prints hung, It looks lonely huh? I have one more print I personally own, Andi gave me another one to go with them and said she may contribute another one yet!

The rest of the rear wall with my ammo cans, gas mask, flask, bipod, used targets, shotgun forend and two more rifles.

I'll have better photos after I've got baseboards and the rest of the molding up!


  1. I love it! It looks comfy and "manly". The paint is a wonderful color and the rug is lovely, too. Good job!

  2. I find it amusing that my blog post is about the process of creating the space, and yours is about all of the stuff you own.