Saturday, January 9, 2010

MAIG lost ground this last election it seems. My count is 473 Mayors on their roster, Last I heard they were touting over 500 members. The Wiki page says as of November 2008 they had 522 and also states that after a "NRA grass roots letter-writing campaign, according to NRA claims, at least 73 mayors have quit the MAIG since September, including 15 in Pennsylvania, alone."

I know that with our former mayor gone that was one less for their cause. Who else has a new mayor, And are they on or off this list?

Also as a last thought, Does MAIG even really have any power/influence other than saying we are "X" number strong and we hate guns?


  1. Silly question: what's the clip from?

  2. Good question actually! I haven't a clue, the clip looks very familiar though.

    I'm researching it further to figure out who it is and what movie/show it's from.