Saturday, March 20, 2010


A family owned grocery store was broken into after hours, ATM latched onto with a chain and dragged to the parking lot where the would be robber discovered that he was no match for an ATM. Dumb ass! This took place in Maumee, A rather decent area, Which makes me laugh because of an overheard conversation sometime last year while in a store my other half and I heard an uppity chick telling her friend that she should move to Maumee because there is no crime. Ha!

And if you remember my two previous posts I discussed a robber/rapist on the loose. Sadly he wasn't killed, he was caught however.

And lastly, The biggest issue on everyone's mind is Obamacare. Besides having to deal with some very tough family issues I we have to worry even more about the future because most of our senators and representatives are choosing to ignore us screaming in their ears to vote no on this trillion dollar bill. I am glad however that even though I live in a libertard city there are plenty of people who feel the same way we do about Pelosi & company.

On my way to work tonight at a very busy intersection was approximately 75 people holding signs saying "kill the bill" etc. Also spotted was at least one Gadsden flag, Best part of all, While sitting at the light I heard numerous people honking their horns in support of them, Myself included.
(the little red blocks are the locations of where groups of the protesters were standing)

If they're still there tomorrow I'll get a picture, and maybe stop and talk to a few of them!

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