Saturday, March 20, 2010

And justice for all!

In my continuing mini series of local crime and the increase of home/property owners defending themselves from criminals is a update on the story of Sedric Joplin who wasn't indicted for his shooting of one man and the justified killing of another who broke into his home on Feb. 20th. of this year. Plus they finally found the third man involved in the robbery, He along with the gunshot survivor Michael Brown, Jr. will be charged with the murder of their accomplice Christopher Childress.

Mr. Childress' family members have been outspoken about the charges, saying that they were disappointed in the grand jury's decision. Mr. Childress' mother, Jenny, said after Mr. Brown's indictment that she was upset that the "man who pulled the trigger" was not the one charged with the crime."

Well see the way this works Jenny is that Ohio has a castle law in effect. Your son chose to break a law by illegally entering a persons home, with the intent to steal. Sedric has every right to protect his property. Just as you have every right to spout off your ignorant mouth.

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