Monday, February 22, 2010

Criminals beware.

Just the other night less than five miles from where I live there was a break in at a mans home, Sedric A. Joplin was not home at the moment of the unlawful entry, But the criminals were still inside when he returned home. He fired at them and killed one, possibly hitting another loser as well.

Christopher Childress the loser who was rightfully shot in my honest opinion, is painted under a different light by his friends and family, They talk about him as if he was a good citizen and would never do such a thing, but the evidence shows that he broke in, And Ohio has a Castle Law in effect.

Now for the twist to the story I just discovered while writing this. It seems Mr. Joplin isn't so innocent himself, He had marijuana in his home. And this guys reported as an officer of the law... sort of, He's a correctional officer at a local prison.

Plus a second bad guy was caught.
Michael Lee Brown is in custody. A third guy is still on the loose, I'm sure Michael Brown will rat him out in no time :)

I suppose the only good that comes of this story is a bad guy is dead, Guns still save lives and despite his unlawful drug activities Mr. Joplin was justified in shooting these guys. We'll see what happens with Sedric and his drugs.

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