Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prep thyself!

Times are tough, When more and more houses set empty, arsons and robberies go up. Every time I leave my home and know that no one else is there, I'm nagged by the feeling today just might be the day some desperate loser gets the itch to see what we have the he "needs" My only hope is that I'll be as lucky as this guy and return back home before he/she is gone. You ever feel that way? Or do you feel your neighborhood is plenty safe?

Not very long after I bought this house and was working steady on renovations, I made a run to the local hardware store less than half a mile from here and was back within fifteen minutes, Upon my return a young neighbor kid approached me to warn that someone from across the street had walked up to my home and had themselves a peek through my windows.

That pissed me off! I thanked her for the info and stopped all my work for the day. Which lead to me sitting on my enclosed porch (which at the time had our huge bathtub temporarily placed there till we could carry it upstairs...) laying out a piece of plywood on top of the tub for a makeshift table I got out my AR15, fully stripped it down and cleaned every "nook & cranny". Then after I was done with that the Mossy 500 was next. And when that was done with that I loaded them both back up and sat out there a while drinking a soda & smoking a couple cigarettes.

I'm not sure if that did it or We're just lucky, but so far not one shady fuckwit has messed with our stuff.

partial view of what the porch looked like around that time.

click for larger image


  1. *sigh* I wish we'd never had to move all of our crap in. It looks so much better empty! ;)

  2. My neighbor hood has 95% plus occupancy (townhouses), but a block away are a set of Section 8 Apts... We only had a problem once, when the punks tried to steal my car at 1030 one night. Of the 8 facing units, people with guns responded from 7 units... And the neighbors down the street (4 units) came up too and they were carrying. Seems the word got out :-)