Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here is yet another reason we should be allowed to CCW while on a boat, I'm an avid fisherman... And even though I have my CCW I cannot carry on a boat effectively. Why? Because this is the law.
  • The firearm is unloaded and carried in a closed package, box, or case or ..
  • The firearm is in plain sight with the action open or the weapon stripped.
I suppose if I were to follow this law and keep the gun "in plain sight with the action open" but with a loaded mag nearby then it would be nearly as effective as carrying in condition 1 or 2. But that's only if I'm out on the open water and not a sitting duck at the dock.

Plus who wants to keep their firearm out in the open when you're surrounded by water! One big wave hitting just right and the thing could get soaked or worse yet knocked off the boat. Maybe I'll look into getting this law changed...

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