Monday, February 18, 2013

Live and die on this day

It's pretty obvious walking into any gun shop or store that carries ammunition, look at the bare shelves and see a whole lot of nothing. The main stream media is hardly reporting on this, or the fact that just about every existing "Evil" gun on the shelves has been snatched up, even at prices two to three times what they cost just over two months ago.

The media that is reporting usually cites fear of them being banned due to impending legislation. I'll agree that some are buying because they fear changes in the law and just want to buy up the ammo for it "while they can"

I have no mathematical figure or know of such a study for just how many are doing this only for that purpose. I'd guess that the number is quite low compared to how many are buying in preparation for a fight.

I'm coming out of the closet and saying what many are afraid to say, No I'm not buying tons of ammo because I fear impending bans and taxation hikes on ammo. I've observed our nation falling apart faster than a meth head with leprosy. I'm preparing for battle.

Reversal of the entitlements and handout mentality seems impossible. Freedoms are being taken away little by little, there is a camera on nearly every corner in larger cities so big brother can "keep you safe"

I'll keep myself safe, Thank you very much!

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