Sunday, November 8, 2009

So much to cover.

Well you could say this past week has been full of major events. The tragic Ft. Hood shooting that ideally should not of been near as bad as it was, provided our soldiers while stateside and on base didn't have that pesky no gun rule to follow. Injecting my own {deep} personal thoughts here... My brother and sister in law would of been stationed at this base had it not been for the current legal matter they are dealing with in Illinois. They were due to report over a year ago but because of the legal issues they are stuck till it's finished. So while my family has been dealing with the stress of this case for over a year, It might also just be a blessing because they're not in TX. at Ft. Hood.

Then there was the shooting in Florida by a disgruntled ex employee who was fired in 2007 and waited till now to act. Sadly I didn't hardly see anyone mention this story because, Well Fort Hood is way more important in the eyes of the MSM.

Oh and then there was last night, Pelosi pulled a quick one on America and called for a midnight vote on Obamas health care reform. It passed the house 220-215 with one Republican vote from U.S. Rep. Anh "Joseph'' Cao, R-New Orleans. And of course because of his vote they call it bi-partisan...

Oh and let it be known he didn't vote at all till enough votes to pass it had already been cast. But least he showed where he truly stands!

Call your congress critters first chance you get tomorrow and let them know exactly how you feel.

And here's a little something for your viewing pleasure, Summer of 08' in my newly purchased home.

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